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If you’re applying to Medical School in Australia or New Zealand, you’ll need to sit the UCAT ANZ. It replaced the UMAT and is the same as the UCAT test sat in the rest of the world. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is The UCAT ANZ?

The UCAT ANZ is the admissions test you need to take if you want to study Medicine in Australia or New Zealand. It’s a two-hour computerised test designed to assess key skills and attributes needed to be a good Doctor – for example, teamwork skills, problem-solving, communication, professionalism, numerical skills and empathy.

It’s worth noting that the UCAT is also used as the admissions exam of choice for medical courses in the UK.

UCAT ANZ Universities

A number of universities in Australia and New Zealand require you to sit the UCAT ANZ. These are:

UCAT ANZ Test Format

The format of the UCAT ANZ test is the same as the UCAT sat in the rest of the world. It’s split into five parts:

If you’re eligible for extra time, you’ll sit the UCATSEN.


This works the same as UCAT scores: you’re scored on four sections (all except situational judgement) and the maximum UCAT ANZ score is 3,600.

Each section is marked between 300 and 900 and these scores are added up to reach the overall total.

The situational judgement section doesn’t get scored. Instead, you’re put into bands according to how you performed, with Band 1 being the highest.

How To Register For UCAT ANZ

Booking your UCAT ANZ test is very easy – all you need to do is create an account with Pearson VUE and then select the date and time of your exam.

You can usually book your UCAT ANZ test from March.

UCAT ANZ Key Dates

You can sit the UCAT ANZ at any point in July – although it’s recommended that you go for the first half of the month so you can take it during the school break.

The key dates for the UCAT ANZ are:

Booking opensearly March 2021
Concession scheme openstbc
Concession deadlinetbc
Access arrangement application deadlinetbc
Registration closestbc
Final booking deadlinetbc
Testing begins1 July 2021
Last testing date31 July 2021
Results delivered to universitiesby early September 2021


The costs for taking the UCAT ANZ are:

Tests taken in Australia and New Zealand$299
Concession fees (Australia only)$199
Tests taken overseas/outside of Australia and New Zealand$374
Late fee$75

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