Considering a career in Medicine? Learn new skills and gain valuable volunteering experience with the nation’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance.

Volunteering with St John Ambulance

When you’re trying to get into Medicine, it can be challenging to secure a placement which proves your commitment to the cause. As a volunteer with St John Ambulance, you can receive first aid training whilst getting practical experience and gaining skills to boost your university application.

Joining the Cadet programme demonstrates your commitment to helping people, as well as a passion for health services. You’ll develop skills in patient care, leadership, teamwork and communication. Most importantly, you’ll learn the skills needed to save lives.


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The Cadet Programme

The St John Ambulance Cadet programme is for volunteers aged 10-17. Cadet units meet once a week and operate across England.

As a member of the Cadets, you’ll learn life-saving first aid skills, and you’ll get the opportunity to support St John Ambulance adult volunteers at events. This will give you experience of community medical practice, whilst you develop confidence in dealing with patients and keeping calm under pressure.

“Volunteering helped me get closer to my local community. My experience of patient contact helps me stay calm and confident in situations others may find stressful.” Ao-Hin Tang

Becoming a Cadet will demonstrate that you are committed to pursuing a career Medicine.

As a Cadet, you’ll develop skills in:

  • First aid: Training courses will allow you to develop specialist skills in medical assistance and teamwork. Understanding how to interact with patients is crucial to a career in Medicine and you can choose subjects in specialist care and casualty simulation.
  • Leadership and training: Demonstrate your organisational skills and commitment with a range of courses showing you how to inspire your peers and pass on what you have learned.
  • Communication: Collaborating with professionals and fellow volunteers will develop your skills in working as part of a team.

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Become an award winner

When Cadets are not volunteering and saving lives, they can also pursue a range of awards at St John Ambulance. The most prestigious of these is the Grand Prior’s Award, which celebrates committed engagement and a passion for learning and self-development.

“My CV is jam-packed with achievements, skills and experiences all gained through being a St John Ambulance Cadet. I was awarded a £2,000 Entrance Excellence Scholarship in Volunteering from my university for all the volunteering work I have done.” Rebecca Cruxton

Many Cadets also continue to volunteer with St John Ambulance as Student Volunteers after they have got into Medicine and embarked on their medical degrees. 


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