The UKCAT exam was changed to UCAT in January 2019. The official name of this entrance exam was updated from the UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) to UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) to reflect the adoption of the exam in Australia and New Zealand.

Why is the name changing from UKCAT to UCAT?

For Australian and New Zealand students, it was announced that the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test) was to be replaced by the UCAT ANZ from 2019.

The UKCAT Consortium announced that the UCAT was to have identical test content to the UKCAT. The UCAT has now been launched in Australia and New Zealand for aspiring medics.

The UKCAT Consortium then also announced that the UKCAT would be changing its name to UCAT in the UK too – so all aspiring medics and dentists in the UK will be taking UCAT from 2019.

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What is UCAT?

UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is the name of the aptitude test used by many medical schools for entry to their medicine programmes. It has replaced the UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) from 2019, and assesses key skills needed to study medicine, such as problem-solving, verbal reasoning and mathematical skill.

Medical schools use UCAT scores to rank applicants for interview – just like they did with UKCAT. You can find out more about how universities do this in our UCAT guide.

Will the UCAT exam be the same as the UKCAT?

Yes – UCAT will be the same as UKCAT.

The UCAT Consortium have indicated that, while the name is changing, the test content will remain pretty much identical.

This means it will consist of the same five sections:

You might see a new question type within Situational Judgement. Of course, we’ll be providing advice for how to tackle all question varieties on our site and at our courses.

Overall, UCAT will assesses aptitude for medicine by testing a range of skills necessary to be a good doctor, such as problem-solving, verbal reasoning and numerical skills.

What does this mean if I’m applying to medical school for 2020 entry?

It simply means that instead of sitting the UKCAT in 2019, you will sit the UCAT.

However, as explained above, the UCAT Consortium have stated that the only change is the name of the test. So,  your preparation can still include the same UKCAT practice questions and mock tests.

You can find 2019 test dates, preparation tips and information on each section of the UCAT test in our detailed UCAT guide.

How can I prepare for UCAT 2019?

Our 98.4% recommended UCAT Courses have been revamped by our doctor-led team for 2019.

Practice questions are also a key part of UCAT preparation. Get started for free with our UCAT Question Bank!

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