Applying to medical school in Australia or New Zealand and wondering what the UCAT ANZ is? You’ve come to the right place!

In September 2018 it was announced that the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) was to replace the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test) from 2019. So now, all aspiring medics will need to take the UCAT as part of their applications. 

UCAT ANZ comes from the consortium behind UCAT, the exam used by most UK medical schools to assess the key skills needed to be a doctor. The consortium has said that UCAT ANZ test content will be identical to that of the UK test.

The Medic Portal is a global leader in UCAT preparation, teaching thousands of students and trusted by hundreds of leading schools. We’re thrilled that we can offer our proven, doctor-created resources to a new UCAT community in Australia!

What does the UCAT ANZ involve?

The UCAT will be used by a number of universities in Australia and New Zealand for entry to their medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes.

Like the UCAT in the UK, the UCAT ANZ is a two-hour computerised test designed to assess a range of skills needed to be a doctor or dentist – including problem-solving, communication, numerical skills, spatial awareness, integrity, empathy and teamwork skills.

The test is split into five sections identical to the format of the UCAT. You can click on each one below to find out more:

2019 Statistics:

Like the UK UCAT, the UCAT ANZ has a scaled score range for each cognitive subtest (and the SJT) is 300-900, with a total of the subtests ranging between 1200-3600. To give insight into what you should be working towards, here is a summary of the average score for each subtest of the UCAT ANZ in 2019:

 Verbal ReasoningDecision MakingQuantitative Reasoning Abstract ReasoningTotal ScoreSJT

How does the UCAT Australia differ from UMAT?

The UCAT Australia is similar to the UMAT but with new question formats and the addition of Situational Judgement (SJT), which assesses key qualities needed to be a doctor, such as integrity, perspective taking, team involvement, resilience and adaptability.

With UMAT, you could only sit this on a specified date, whereas UCAT will allow you to choose the date and time you sit the test, so you’ll have greater flexibility to sit the exam at any point over July.

In addition, UMAT scores were only released to students in mid-September, whereas the introduction of UCAT means you can access your scores immediately. This is good news – you don’t have to wait for a lengthy marking period and can apply to medical schools strategically with your score!

How many universities use UCAT ANZ?

14 universities in Australia and New Zealand will require students to take the UCAT. You can see the list below:

The University of AdelaideMedicine, Dental Surgery, Oral Health
Charles Sturt UniversityDental Science
Curtin UniversityMedicine
Flinders University Clinical Sciences/Medicine
La TrobeDental Science
Monash UniversityMedicine
The University of Newcastle / University of New England Joint Medical Program
The University of New South WalesMedicine
The University of QueenslandMedicine (provisional entry), Dental Science
University of TasmaniaMedicine
The University of Western AustraliaMedicine (Direct Pathway), Dental Medicine (Direct Pathway)
Western Sydney UniversityMedicine
The University of AucklandMedicine
University of OtagoMedicine, Dental Surgery

What are the UCAT ANZ test dates and costs?

If you are applying for 2021 entry, you will need to take the UCAT in 2020. It’s also worth noting that unlike the UCAT in the UK, which you can take from July – October, you can only sit the UCAT ANZ in July. For 2021 entry, you will need to sit the test by the 31st of July 2020.

School holidays in Australia and university breaks in New Zealand occur in the first half of July, so the UCAT official page recommends that students use these times to sit the test.

The costs of taking the UCAT in 2020 are:

Tests taken in Australia and New Zealand$299
Concession fees (Australia only)$199
Tests taken overseas/outside of Australia and New Zealand$374
Late fee$75

Here are the key test dates:

Booking opens2nd March 2020
Concession scheme opens3rd February 2020
Access arrangement opens3rd February 2020
Concession scheme deadline4th May 2020 at 5pm AEST
Access arrangement deadline4th May 2020 11:59pm AEST
Booking closes11th May 2020 at 11:59pm AEST
Late booking deadline18th May 2020 11:59pm AEST
Cancellation deadlines18th May 2020 11:59pm AEST
Testing begins1st July 2020
Last testing date31st July 2020
Results delivered to universitiesEarly September 2020

How do I register for UCAT ANZ?

There is a two-step process for UCAT registration: firstly, you must use the Pearson VUE online registration system and then book your test. This must be done by you, not your school or college. 

Booking tests opens on 2nd March 2020 and closes on 11th May 2020 at 11:59pm AEST. Once you have created your Pearson account, you’ll then be sent an email with a password which you’ll use to book your test – simple!

Where do I find UCAT ANZ test centres?

There are multiple Pearson VUE test centres around Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, these are the test centres available:

 The Australian test centres will be open for a number of days or weeks in the month of July. Available dates will be shown at the time of booking your test.
Canberra (ACT)Rockhampton (QLD)
Armidale (NSW)Townsville (QLD)
Newcastle (NSW)Adelaide (SA)
Orange (NSW)Port Augusta (SA)
Parramatta (NSW)Hobart (TAS)
Port Macquarie (NSW)Launceston (TAS)
Sydney (NSW)Bendigo (VIC)
Wagga Wagga (NSW)Geelong (VIC)
Alice Springs (NT) Melbourne (VIC)
Darwin (NT)Mildura (VIC)
Brisbane (QLD)Traralgon (VIC)
Cairns (QLD)Bunbury (WA)
Gold Coast (QLD)Perth (WA)

In New Zealand, test centres will be open for a number of days or weeks in the month of July. Available dates will be shown at the time of booking your test. These are locations in New Zealand where test centres are available:

Most capital cities have various test centres. Regional test centres will have limited test dates. Details of the locations and the dates will be available to view when booking your test.


Candidates who are overseas for the month of July 2020 will be able to take the test, but will incur an additional administrative charge. Candidates will be able to sit the test at a Pearson VUE test centre in the following locations:

Hong Kong
Tel Aviv
Saudia Arabia:
South Africa:
South Korea:
Sri Lanka:
United Arab Emirates:
Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom:
United States:
San Francisco
Washington DC
Ho Chih Minh

Candidates who are overseas in the month of July 2020 and are NOT able to attend one of the locations listed above should email the UCAT ANZ office.

How do medical schools use UCAT ANZ scores?

Similarly to the UK UCAT, results being available before university application deadlines mean you can use them to help inform which universities you apply to. 

Some universities consider UCAT scores as a significant factor in their consideration of applications. Other universities may not place as much emphasis on UCAT scores or may only consider it in marginal situations. Instead, they may consider UCAT scores alongside other factors such as academic achievement and interview performance. 

Generally, most universities consider the total score (the total sum each cognitive subtest). There are a few that do look at individual subtest scores and may have a cut-off score for a particular subtest. The UCAT score is an additional means of ranking candidates in order to decide who will proceed to the next stage of the application process. 

A select few universities use the UCAT test as an opportunity for candidates who may not have progressed to interview (for example) otherwise. This is advantageous for applicants who may not have achieved the highest academic score but excelled in the UCAT. 

For more information on how respective universities use UCAT in their admission process, please check their websites.


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