Jasmine Gordon-Brown is a Medical Student at Imperial College London. Read about Jasmine’s experience of medicine, including her motivation to study medicine, the work she did to cement this and how medical school has matched her expectations.

Why Medicine?

At school, I was always interested in pursuing a career in science. However, I soon realised that the idea of shutting myself away in a lab for hours on end did not really appeal to me. That led me to medicine!

What steps did you take next?

During the summer of Year 10, I decided to organise some work experience at my local Age Concern day centre. They organise daily activities for over 65s, who often live alone or would otherwise stay at home all day. I spent a week helping out around the centre, coordinating the activities and meeting some extraordinary people. It inspired me to consider medicine as a career, as you get to know patients as individuals and each one offers a unique learning experience.

How has medical school matched your expectations?

I am currently in my third year of medicine at Imperial, our first year of clinical studies. Studying medicine is challenging; every day you are faced with new concepts. But that is exactly what I love about it. You are regularly gaining fresh perspectives, assimilating information and discussing the ideas that could eventually revolutionise healthcare.

What about the future?

Doing a degree in medicine is only the beginning, and I am looking forward to being a part of a discipline which is constantly developing and adapting.

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