Jessica Bialan received an offer to study medicine at Keele University. Read her applying to medicine case study to get her insights and tips on the medical school application process.

Applying To Medicine Case Study: Jessica Bialan

Why Medicine?

I’ve wanted to be a doctor for a long time now.

My initial spark came not from a personal experience but through watching medical dramas such as “Casualty”. I loved the idea and rewards of being a doctor — which were demonstrated by these programmes — and I knew that medicine was the career I wanted to follow.

From there, I undertook experience and research into the career and my initial interest progressed to an unwavering drive to achieve my dream.

What steps did you take next?

As many people say, medicine is not a career that should be entered into lightly. I was fully aware of this.

Once I was able to, I undertook extensive work experience and applied for placements wherever possible in a hospital and community-based setting. This included practical work as a carer, as well as shadowing of doctors and other professionals in a variety of areas, including radiology and spinal rehabilitation.

However, my most exciting and influential placement was an international work experience trip to India, where I experienced a different side of medicine and witnessed issues not usually faced by British citizens.

Each of these placements reinforced my passion and allowed me to make an informed decision, in addition to my original interest, as to whether medicine was the career for me.

What excites you about studying medicine?

Once I got my first offer from Keele, I was ecstatic as there were moments where I truly didn’t believe I would get through the selection process. This has made me even more eager to get started at medical school in September.

I’m looking forward to anatomy classes and learning essential procedures as well as meeting new, like-minded people. The prospect of beginning my journey and becoming a fully-fledged doctor is most exciting of all.

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