The 2022 BMAT test will take place on 18th October. Find out how to register, and see what it costs to sit the test.

2022 BMAT Dates

The key dates for the 2022 BMAT test are:

 BMAT 2022
Registration opens1st September 2022
Deadline to apply for modified papers16th September 2022
Registration deadline30th September 2022 (18:00 BST)
Deadline to apply for Access Arrangements and to apply for fee reimbursement30th September 2022 (18:00 BST)
Test date18th October 2022
Results released25th November 2022

2022 Test Fees

This year, the registration fee for BMAT is £75/€88 within the UK and EU. Outside of this, it will cost £100/$137.

In previous years, late registration involved paying extra. However, this year the BMAT website states that no late registrations will be accepted.

You should also be aware that if you want to make an application for results enquiries or appeals, there’s an additional cost involved.


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BMAT Bursary

If you can’t afford to cover the costs of sitting the BMAT, you may be able to get reimbursed for the fees. Late fees and administration fees can’t be reimbursed, however.

If you meet the criteria, you just need to complete a reimbursement request form. Keep an eye on the BMAT website for more details on the bursary scheme.

How Do I Register For BMAT?

There’s a step-by-step process for registering for BMAT.

  • Find a test centre. This could be your school, or you’ll need to check BMAT’s network of test centres.
  • Ask the Exams Officer to register for you a test, and supply the personal details listed on the BMAT website. This includes:
    • Your name and date of birth
    • Your UCAS number
    • The names of the courses/universities you are applying to
    • Evidence if you require modified question papers or any Access Arrangements such as extra time
  • Note your candidate number, as that’s the proof you’ve successfully registered for the BMAT. It will start with a B, followed by five digits.
  • Prepare for the test.

If you can’t find a test centre near you, it’s possible that your school could become a test centre. You can ask your school to see if it’s eligible to become one, or look into how you can travel to the closest available centre.

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