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About The Medic Portal

The Medic Portal is the leading name in the 'Getting into Medical School' market. The organisation is composed of a team of practicing UK doctors with a very strong background in teaching junior doctors, medical students and prospective medical students.

We provide bespoke courses, conferences and tutoring to get you into medical school:

Our courses are delivered in-house at schools, at open venues around the UK, and internationally in The Middle East, The Far East, North America and across Europe. We teach thousands of aspiring medics every year and work with hundreds of leading schools. In addition, we speak at events including the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine Careers Day.

The Medic Portal is proud to be in partnership with The Inspiring Futures Foundation, a not for profit charity that works with schools, parents and individuals to provide young people with career-related services.

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  • The Medic Portal20/11/2014 14:17Medic Journey International has become @themedicportal
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  • The Medic Portal20/03/2014 16:02A big thank you to the hundreds of aspiring medics who attended @MedicJourney talk on the #ukcat #bmat @RoySocMed hosted @OakhamSch
  • The Medic Portal18/03/2014 10:34MJI will be speaking about careers in medicine and how to do well in the #ukcat #bmat @RoySocMed Conference hosted @OakhamSch on Thursday.
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  • The Medic Portal12/03/2014 14:56MJI will be hosting the medical session @HeadingtonSch careers tonight. We look forward to meeting you all there #ukcat #bmat #medic
  • The Medic Portal11/03/2014 11:34MJI will be visiting @LatymerUpper this lunchtime to speak on a career in medicine #becomeadoctor #ukcat #bmat #medschool
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  • The Medic Portal12/02/2014 10:19MJI meet and outline the application process to an excellent group of students from @GDST - Notting Hill Ealing High School #becomeadoctor
  • The Medic Portal12/02/2014 10:13Wonderful to meet over 200 budding medics @RoySocMed earlier this week. MJI proudly spoke on #ukcat #bmat
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  • The Medic Portal02/02/2014 16:57Great to meet all the future medics @JAGS_School & @Alleyns_School last week! #ukcat #bmat #becomeadoctor #ukcatpractice #futuremedic
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  • The Medic Portal30/01/2014 19:48Thank you @stcatsbramley for hosting our medical talk today. Best of luck to all of your aspiring medics! #UKCAT #medic
  • The Medic Portal23/01/2014 12:40Our January Newsletter unveiled the NEW Online Practice Question Bank for the UKCAT and BMAT. Start practicing today:
  • The Medic Portal14/11/2013 16:35We look forward to meeting all the aspiring medics tonight at @SurbitonHigh @SurbitonHighSix
  • The Medic Portal12/11/2013 13:07MJI were delighted to speak @warwickschool_ during their Business Lunch. Best of luck with your applications #medicalschoolapplications
  • The Medic Portal12/11/2013 13:05Thank you to all the students @JAGS_School who attended our Medical school Interview Course yesterday.
  • The Medic Portal18/10/2013 09:59Hi @Anna_K_Taylor - we don't provide funding for research electives but you might consider trying - Good luck!