TMP Med Soc – Build a Better Medical Society

Does your school have a medical society – or would it benefit from creating one? Then you need TMP Med Soc: the indispensable new resource for medical societies!

It’s been designed by the doctors at The Medic Portal – an official partner of the Royal Society of Medicine – and will ensure your society is the best it can be.

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What is TMP Med Soc?

Find out more about TMP Med Soc and how it can help your students in our video below!

TMP Med Soc gives you instant access to a society framework, consisting of interactive session plans, online videos, downloadable materials and stimulating group activities.

When creating TMP Med Soc, the aim of our in-house doctors was simple: to provide every school with the tools they need to create a truly inspiring society.

That’s why the programme includes debates on current NHS hot topics, medical ethics workshops, an interactive problem-based-learning session – and much, much more!

Following the successful launch of TMP MedSoc in the 2017/18 academic year, you can now subscribe for access across 2018/19. This year you will have instant access to all of the tutorials from last year and we will be adding new seminars across the academic year, covering topics such as BMAT, MMIs, Traditional and Oxbridge Interviews.

You will get immediate access to all the modules listed until August 2019, and new modules will be added during the course of the year.

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Simply drop your details below and one of our team will get in touch to tell you more about TMP MedSoc. Or if you simply can’t wait to hear more, give us a call on 02088344579.

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