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Mafdi Mikhail asked this 7 months ago Answered

Work Experience Documentation?

Dear Medical Portal,

I was just asking how should I document my work experience like; in a journal or use pictures and letters form the hospitals I work in. Moreover, how long should my work experience last so I can be recognized as a competitive applicant when applying to University.


1 Answer

Best Answer lauram answered this 7 months ago

Hi Mafdi,

Thank you for your question! 

It’s up to you how you choose to record your experience – we’d suggest keeping notes of what you do each day in a journal, so you can refer back to skills you’ve learned when it comes to your personal statement or interview.

When you sign up to our site, you can also access a section of your dashboard that’s created so you can record your work experience online:

You can also see more tips on how to create an effective work experience diary here:

When it comes to work experience, the most important thing is quality over quantity – so it’s far better to get a few placements and reflect on them well in your application than simply list ten different hospital placements. Different medical schools will also have different suggestions regarding the quantity of work experience you need – you can see what each school looks for here:

Hope that helps! 🙂



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