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Saarah Talha asked this 10 months ago Answered

Why I want to study medicine?


I have many reasons I want to study medicine but I dont know which to write short and concisely at the beginning of my personal statement.

Which do you think is best then should I elaborate the rest in the interview.

Firstly I want to go into medicine because I love science and am academic and really love learning so doing a job where I learn new things every day even after I have graduated is what I want to do.

Secondly I want to get into medicine because of my voluntary and work experiences after talking to doctors at courses as well and going on work experience in hospital and volunteering in empathetic and caring environments I think the environment and lifestyle of a doctor is exactly the lice I want to pursue so would love and be excited to become a doctor.

Also I have experienced care close to home from a very young age when my relatives have had severe disabilities I observed as the nurses would treat them and was inspired to become a doctor. Also were I live I have seen most of the physical affects of people being homeless and sick but also drug abuse of really close friends and wanting to help them and people like them inspired me to become a doctor

Finally I want to work along side new innovations and technology in the growing NHS and find it exciting that I could be working along side scientific break throughs treating people in an empathetic and caring environment.

Any help about what to put in my personal statement and how and what to write and what to say in my interview would be appreciated,

Thank you.


1 Answer

lauram answered this 9 months ago

Hi there!

Thank you for your question. 

Generally speaking, the structure of the personal statement should go like this:

  • Why I want to be a doctor (motivation)
  • Work experience (exploration)
  • Volunteering (exploration)
  • Wider Reading and study (exploration)
  • Extracurricular (suitability)
  • Conclusion (motivation)

Something you could do is incorporate some of the points you mentioned into other parts of your personal statement – for example, you could fit in your observations about work experience and how this inspired your motivation for medicine under the work experience/volunteering section of your personal statement. 

So although the structure above is a good guideline, it doesn’t have to be strictly adhered to – in a way, your whole personal statement is demonstrating your motivation for medicine, so don’t worry about trying to squeeze it all into the first sentence! 

You might also find it useful to read our guide to the personal statement here:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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