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Ella Andrew asked this 5 months ago Answered

Where should I apply with 665 in my Higher Levels?


I am currently doing the International Baccalaureate and am last minute looking for a 4th university that would accept 665 for my higher level subjects. I have been predicted 36 points overall so I meet many of the general requirements; however many places want 666 overall (I have a 5 in Chemistry). I have a UCKAT score of 2800 and a Band 1 SJT. Currently, I am applying to Hull York, Aston and Keele as the first two want 665 at higher level and Keele do not take into account predicted grades (as far as I know). I was just wondering whether anyone else is/was in the same position as me? I am really keen to use my choices well to maximise my chances.




1 Answer

lauram answered this 5 months ago

Hi Ella,

We’d recommend using our Comparison Tool to compare the IB entry requirements of different med schools:

A good starting point for choosing which schools to look at might be to look at the schools on this blog, Where to Apply with a High UKCAT Score:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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