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Lil Evers asked this 6 months ago Answered

Where is it worth applying with low SJT?


so I took my UKCAT recently and I scored 266O (VR 630, DM 650, QR 630, AR 750) but I got a really low score in SJT (band 3- no idea how that happened and its really stressing me out)

I have a very high predicted grade (19/20 (I do the french baccalaureat)) And Ive done various work experiences, volunteering, speak several languages (could that maybe help?) etc

So I was wondering where I had a shot at getting in too despite my UKCAT?

I was looking at Edinburgh, Manchester, Southhampton, Bristol, Birmingham, liverpool and a couple of others,

Where is it worth applying too?


1 Answer

lauram answered this 6 months ago

Hi there!

You can see where to apply with a low SJT score here:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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