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Elias B asked this 3 months ago Answered

When to sit GAMSAT?

I’m graduating a music BA in June 2020. For the GAMSAT and UKCAT, is it wise to sit that in September revising from July to make an application in October 2020 or is it better to sir the GAMSAT in March and UKCAT in September to apply in October 2021. I’m keen to start applying however I also want to give it my best shot and not waste money and/or an application unnecessarily.


1 Answer

lauram answered this 3 months ago

Hi Elias,

Thank you for your question. 

This is tricky to answer and would depend on how comfortable you felt with your sciences. As the GAMSAT focuses quite heavily on the scientific component in Section 3, it may be a good idea to review some papers to see how you get on, then making a decision. The GAMSAT can be prepared for in 2 months though this is usually the minimum suggested, but it is the science section that you may need to allocate more time to as there is a lot of content. For Section 1 and 2, your time scale would be hard but possible!

In summary, it can be done but depends on how comfortable you feel with sciences. It is possible to be done with 2 months of preparation but it will be intense! Another thing to keep in mind is that if it didn’t go to plan it would be useful as a test run and to get a sense of what it involves.

Hope this helps a little 🙂



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