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Richard Crick asked this 3 months ago Answered

What would you have found Useful when Applying?


I’m trying to get into medicine at undergraduate level next year. I’m in Year 13 now.

I’m just wondering what you guys would have found useful in the application process? I’ve seen a few courses that offer UCAS proof reading, skype consultations and practise interviews that seem really good – has anyone ever entered into anything like these courses?

Also I would appreciate it if you could tell me what you wished you knew, during applying. I want to take every opportunity to learn from people’s mistakes.

Thank you so much!


Cheers guys


2 Answers

Jennifer Baig answered this 2 months ago

The UKCAT test can decide if you are successful in getting an interview, not just your pred grades and Personal Statement. If you don’t get your pred grades UKCAT results if high enough could guarantee you an interview at some Medical Schools. We found this out too late. Also some medical schools will accept Physics instead of Chemistry which we only found out at open days.


lauram answered this 3 months ago

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question! We have a blog written by a medical student on what they wish they’d known before applying to medicine:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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