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sandhya Satish asked this 10 months ago Answered

UKCAT books?


My son will be applying for medicine entry 2019.  When is the right time to start for UKCAT preparation? 

Will there be any latest  edition of book released for this? If yes, when should I buy this book?




1 Answer

lauram answered this 10 months ago

Hi Sandhya,

Thank you for your question! UKCAT preparation takes around six weeks, and he will be able to sit the test between July and the beginning of October 2018 – so depending on when he books the exam, he’ll start preparing at some time between these months. You’ll be able to find additional info about the UKCAT here:

Regarding the UKCAT book, we’re working on a new edition which should be published this year – keep an eye on our website and social media!

Hope that helps! 🙂


sandhya Satish commented 10 months ago

Thanks Lauram, Yes I can keep an eye for the latest edition of book. If I am buying this book from Amazon, will there be any new release of book? Do you have any idea about this? Also any recommendation of books will be helpful. Regards Sandhya

lauram commented 10 months ago

Hi Sandhya, Yes, there should be the new release! Students use a wide range of different books in their practice – as to whether or not they’ll find certain books helpful is subjective as it does depend on the student. It’s also important that students put this theory into practice too, as this makes for the most effective UKCAT preparation. We have a free UKCAT Question Bank here: Hope this helps! 🙂


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