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Dhruv Vasooja asked this 1 week ago Answered

Studying for the BMAT and UCAT at the same time ?

Is it a good idea to study for both entrance exams (BMAT and UCAT) at the same and sit them near each other over the summer holidays or is it better to spend separate time periods revising for both?


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Best Answer lauram answered this 1 week ago

Hi Dhruv,

Thank you for your question. This is very much dependent on personal decision and how you prefer to revise – some students prefer to split the summer up into UCAT and BMAT revision equally, whereas others prefer to focus on one test at a time.

It depends how much free time you’ll have over the summer, whether you have any other commitments, and if you’re good at balancing your time. It’s also worth mentioning that if you want your BMAT score before applying to university so you can apply strategically, that’s a good reason to take the BMAT in August! And if you’re worried about having enough time between exams, you could book your UCAT early in the season, and sit the BMAT at the end of August.

For the BMAT, you could also take our quiz – Should I Sit the BMAT in August or October? which might help!:

You can read our blog post on how to create an effective revision timetable here, which might help you structure your time:

Hope this helps a little! 🙂


Dhruv Vasooja commented 1 week ago

Thank you!!!


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