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gnaneshkanth gnanakumar asked this 12 months ago Answered

Should I take gap year or do Neuroscience at UCL?

 I’m an 18 year old living in london. I have been rejected by all my medical schools here in the UK but I have an offer to study a neuroscience BSc at UCL (has the second best neuroscience dept. in the world). I was never 100% sure whether I wanted to do medicine and there’s a lot of parental influence, however I do find the field interesting.
However I also find the field of neuroscience interesting but also don’t know whether I want to specifically go into that field. However I know I can still do medicine after I have graduated and then join a graduate medicine program which is 4 years (and much more competitive to get into rather than if I joined the undergraduate medicine program)long instead of it being 5 years if I went straight to medicine.
I’m leaning to the neuroscience option and maybe deciding to do medicine when I’m older, as I feel I have great things to accomplish in the future but I’m not sure if that’s in the field of medicine.
This is probably very common but I’m not sure what to do. Any advice?

1 Answer

Jennifer Baig answered this 12 months ago

Sorry you got all rejections. Was it because of UKCAT results or did you apply to universities that did not match your statistics? Were you rejected pre or post interview? If you get your A levels grades for Medicine then you be in a stronger position to reapply. Otherwise, Neuroscience would probably suit you best. Either way, both are great. 



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