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imogen porter-wright asked this 9 months ago Answered

Shadowing a Doctor this summer?

Hi, I am desperately trying to shadow a hospital doctor for a short time this summer.  I have had an interview t the local hospital and have gone on the waiting list but I am running out of time.  What other routes could I try?  For example I could get to London hosptals quite easily and would also be prepared to work on part time basis as a porter etc. if necessary just to get the experience.  I know you need experience to get accepted onto a Medical course at Uni but I am finding very hard to sort this out.  Any help and ideas gratefully received???  Thanks



1 Answer

lauram answered this 9 months ago

Hi Imogen,

Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to find experience! For example, you could try contacting the London hospitals you’ve mentioned asking for a placement. However, hospital work experience is quite difficult to find so you could also try contacting GPs and care homes too. As long as you can transfer your skills to medicine, it’s how you reflect on your experience that counts. 

You can see each UK medical school’s work experience requirements on this page here:

And you can find all sorts of tips on how to find other kinds of work experience here:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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