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Rhea Patel asked this 3 months ago Open

Prescription of impure placebos over pure by GPs?

I am currently in Year 12 & writing my EPQ on the question ‘How far is it medically ethical for GPs in the NHS to prescribe pure and impure placebos to patients?’, as I have an interest in the placebo effect and its role within medicine. Research has shown that 77% of prescribe impure placebos every week, however only 1% of GPs prescribe pure at least once per week. DOes this mean that doctors may feel consciously better if they prescribed a drug of clinical value, even if it has no effect on the illness` they are using it to treat, rather than a pure placebo which has no clinical value at all. I am looking for a professional opinion that I could use within my project, so I would be grateful for any replies.


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