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An Nakamura asked this 7 months ago Answered

Music or maths at A2?

I am definitely doing Chemistry and Biology at A2 but I don’t know which to pick for my third subject.

I enjoy music and I know that I can get a good result from it, on the other hand I really don’t enjoy maths.

I know that some medical schools prefer you to have one over the other, which do you think I should pick and why?


2 Answers

Jennifer Baig answered this 7 months ago

You enjoy music and do well in it.  Biology and Chemistry are very hard subjects at A level really very challenging and there is plenty of maths elements n those two subjects. 

maths is one of the hardest and if you don’t like it then Music is your answer.


lauram answered this 7 months ago

Hi An,

Thank you for your question. Popular choices are Physics or Maths – but most medical schools don’t specify what your third A-Level should be, as long as it’s an ‘academic’ subject. You can see which A-Levels med schools require here:

Hope this helps! 🙂



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