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edward harris asked this 11 months ago Answered

Mature Student Entry requirements?


I am a 27 year old that is looking to study medicine. 

I left school with 11 GCSE, 7 x B and 4 C.  (BB in science, B in Maths and B in English)

I did A – Levels in rubbish subjects, Business, film and IT. Grades BCD respectively.

Like almost everyone else, I had no idea what I wanted to do so I joined the Army as a Combat medic,  I have spent 5 years gaining experience in Primary Healthcare and Pre-hospital Emergency care. I obtained a Cert HE in Pre-hospital Emergency Care.

My question, does my Cert He make up for the fact I have no Science based A Lvls or will i have to look at doing an access to medicine course?



2 Answers

louise willcott answered this 8 months ago

 Hi Edward,

I’m in almost exactly the same position as you – left school with no useful qualifications, joined as a medic, did the CertHE and am still no closer to doing medicine! 

I’m really trying to avoid taking a year out to do an access course but it’s starting to look like the only option! Let me know if you find a magic lamp anywhere and manage to get yourself in! 




lauram answered this 11 months ago

Hi there!

Thank you for your question. In your circumstances we would recommend looking into access courses, and contacting the universities you’re interested in to ask about your specific situation. 

Hope this helps! 🙂



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