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Isabella Impavido asked this 4 months ago Answered

Imperial or UCL?

I’m trying to narrow down my choices for the 4 places I have on my UCAS application, being an aspiring medical student. It’s down to me choosing between UCL and Imperial in London for this last place… which one should I pick?

Or… should I keep both and remove my 5th (Warwick for Biomedical Sciences)? So then in that case, which of the 2 from above (UCL and Imperial) should I apply to for medicine and which for biomedical sciences?


1 Answer

lauram answered this 4 months ago

Hi Isabella,

Thank you for your question!

This is mainly a matter of personal preference as there’s no ‘better’ medical school – however there are some key things to help you decide: 

  1. Do you meet the entry requirements for the med school?
  2. Do you have a strong BMAT score?

There are also many other factors to consider too, such as location, affiliated hospitals, extracurricular opportunities, course structure… we’d suggest making a list of pros and cons for each school and weighing them up this way. 

Hope this helps 🙂


Isabella Impavido commented 4 months ago

Thank you. Will make a list


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