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Ruth Forrest asked this 3 months ago Answered

Graduate Entry Medicine with children.?


I’m currently working as a registered nurse and find that I’m increasingly drawn towards medicine for a number of reasons and often wish I’d pursued that route instead, and basically I’m after some advice around whether GEM is something that would logistically even be possible for me. I have a 1st in my undergraduate degree and have done well when I’ve practiced GAMSAT questions so I’m not overly concerned about entry requirements, though it’s something I’d obviously have to look into in more detail if I were to apply.

Im in my 30s, married and currently trying to conceive our first child. We have a house with a sizeable mortgage, but are reasonably comfortable. Obviously I wouldn’t apply while we were trying to conceive as it’s clearly not practical to start medical school with a newborn, but I was wondering if anyone had – or knew others – that had entered medical school with young children, or later in life, if I were to wait a few years. The medics I know and work with all started in their late teens or early 20s and so were well into their careers by the time they reached my age, so I don’t really have anyone who can answer these questions.

We also wouldn’t be in a position financially for me to give up work altogether, so I was also wondering if it would be possible for me to continue working (obviously not full time but I could work Sundays as an agency nurse and make enough for us to survive).

So essentially I’m asking if it’s possible. I know the course and first few years post qualification are extremely demanding, and so realistically even with a 4 year course it’d be 6-7 years until life could begin to return to normal – and would be leaving it too late for me if we were to postpone having children.

My gut tells me that I’ve missed the boat on this one, and that I should pursue ANP and related post-qualification opportunities and focus on being a good nurse instead, but I was hoping someone could give me a little more information if they’ve been – or known anyone in – a similar situation.


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lauram answered this 3 months ago

Hi Ruth, 

Thank you for your question! Obviously this is a very personal decision, but medical school is entirely possible with children, and many people have part time jobs while studying. The only thing to consider is that Graduate Entry courses are shorter so may be harder with a part time job, but still doable. 

We’d say that Graduate Entry Medicine is possible but we think it will be hard work given the amount of time you will have for the course, so weighing up your options and considering ANP is a good idea. Ultimately, however, the choice is yours – whether you think that you could balance your time with the course and children etc, how strongly you feel you want to pursue medicine over nursing. 

Hope this helps a little 🙂



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