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Sam_Wilson asked this 1 year ago Answered

Follow up questions?

How do I know if the interview will contain follow up questions or for example if I’m going to have to talk for 7 minutes straight?


2 Answers

Tamar Neville answered this 12 months ago



From my experience, the most important thing is keeping up a conversation with the interviewer. The best thing is to keep your answers to about 1:30 minutes, and then wait for follow up questions or for them to move on, rather than putting them to sleep by talking for 7 minutes straight! This was something I was worried about before my MMI, but keeping the answers within a suitable time limit makes sure that they stay interested!

Again, it’s important to keep eye contact, to smile etc. so you can tel where the interview is heading. This will give you a good indication on when to wind up your answer.

Good luck!



lauram answered this 1 year ago

Hi Sam! Unfortunately this will just depend on the university themselves – however there are ways you can prepare! Check out our blog on How to Manage Your Interview Timing –

This will give you some tips on structuring your answers within the time limit!

Hope this helps! 🙂



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