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Harry Stewart asked this 9 months ago Answered

English, Biology and Chemistry – OK for Uni??

Hi, I’m in year 12 studying Biology Chemistry and English and have been told that English was a bad move by some teachers, and that it’s ok by others. Most entry requirements for unis don’t specify they prefer physics or maths, but some teachers are telling me otherwise. Just wanted to hear if anyone knows of someone at med school whos done English, thanks!


2 Answers

Azita Ahmadi answered this 8 months ago

my friend’s got an offer from nottingham with those exact alevels so nothing to worry about


Harry Stewart commented 8 months ago

That’s great thanks, needed the peace of mind haha! Thank you!!

lauram answered this 9 months ago

Hi Harry, thank you for your question! Many medical schools don’t specify what they require for the third A-Level, so English is fine. You can see the individual A-Level requirements of each UK med school here: 🙂


Harry Stewart commented 9 months ago

Thank you!! Needed to check before I apply, didn’t want to waste 4 choices, really want to be a doctor!


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