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Lahmia Hoque asked this 9 months ago Answered

Bad at QR, VR and DM?

I’m having a really hard time with the maths skills required for UKCAT as I’m failing almost every quantitative reasoning question in the UKCAT question bank. Is the maths required to do well at those questions basic GCSE stuff – as I’m not taking it for A-levels because I hate it with a passion. Can I get better at it with looking over bitseize or something like that?


Also i’m having a hard time with verbal reasoning and decision making – it’s so hard to get things right as you have to consider every single word. I keep getting things wrong so I’m wondering how you guys are able to improve?


and as for decision making – it’s really hard as I don’t know what it means for an argument to be the strongest one – or how to interpret those syllogism things as the numbers and shapes are really confusing…

How do I get better at those questions and how come I suck so much at them….


1 Answer

Jennifer Baig answered this 9 months ago

This test is very challenging.  I suggest you keep practising and if you have any friends doing the test then get together and work alongside each other for experience. Good luck.


Lahmia Hoque commented 8 months ago

thanks 🙂


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