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Amaan Ali asked this 9 months ago Answered

Alternative Routes Into Medicine?

Hi, i am a student in their first year of A Levels and I am taking biology, chemistry and psychology. I hope to be predicted A A A* if I can achieve B B A in my end of year mock examinations. I got 1 A* 6 As 2 Bs and a C at GCSE and I’m starting to worry about my chances of getting into medicine, as i feel as if i haven’t done enough and will mess up either on UKCAT, interviews or personal statement, and was wondering what alternative routes there are into medicine that i could possibly take, thanks for any advice!


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lauram answered this 9 months ago

Hi there,

First of all – don’t worry! Our best advice would be to firstly check your grades against the entry requirements of the med schools you’re interested in via their websites. You can also see them here:

  • GCSE Requirements for Medicine:
  • A-Level Requirements for Medicine:

Don’t worry about messing up your personal statement/interviews/UKCAT before you’ve started applying! There are plenty of ways you can prepare to better your chances of success and we have lots of resources to help! With UKCAT and interview, practice is key – so spend time answering UKCAT practice questions (we have a free UKCAT question bank here: and working on your weakest areas. We also have a free Interview Question Bank ( which you can use to practice your answers with a friend. 

We also have a section on how to perfect your personal statement:

However, if you don’t get a med school offer – there are plenty of options! You could take a year out to work on strengthening your application and then reapply (, or consider Graduate Entry Medicine (, or take a look at Allied Healthcare Professions (

Hope this helps! 🙂


Amaan Ali commented 9 months ago

Thanks so much this has helped me a lot, and helped me calm down and focus on the weaknesses and deal with them is the next step.


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