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Stephanie Bains asked this 8 months ago Answered

HE Access to Medicine Course?


I’m a mature student (24) and will be starting the HE Access to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy & Medical Sciences course at The Manchester College in September. I would like to apply to study Medicine for 2019 entry. Has /is anyone else studied/studying this course and had any offers from Universities? Any idea how Universities view mature students? I have been in touch with a few Universities who have said they will consider this qualification. 






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lauram answered this 8 months ago

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for your question! While we can’t speak for other students who have studied this course, we think the best option would be to research all the universities (and it seems like you’ve started this already) you’re interested in and asking them if this course included in their entry requirements, and their requirements of mature students etc – most of this should be on their websites but if not you could contact the admissions teams directly.

Hope this helps! 🙂


Stephanie Bains commented 8 months ago

Hi, Thanks for your reply! I have made a list of some of the Universities and booked in to attend some open days over summer to help me find out more about mature students etc. Thanks again 🙂 Stephanie


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