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Neil Turner asked this 3 months ago Answered

A level 5 pass at GCSE English language?

How limiting is a level 5 pass for GCSE English language going to be: how advisable is it to resit? Scanning down the list of entry requirements my impression, because it varies so much, is that a level 6 pass is very advantageous, possibly a minimum general requirement – it was not easy to see at a glance how many options would be open with a level 5.


1 Answer

lauram answered this 3 months ago

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your question. Most medical schools will require a 6/B in English – you can see the GCSE entry requirements for each med school here:

However if there are specific medical schools you’re interested in we’d recommend looking at the medical schools’ websites themselves to check as GCSE entry requirements are particularly subject to change at the moment with the numerical/alphabetical grades. 

Hope this helps! 🙂



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