Thinking of King’s College London Dentistry course? You’ve come to the right place!

King’s College London Dentistry is the largest dental course in the UK. This page will provide you with details of the Dentistry course, the university’s location and studying opportunities available.

King’s College London Dentistry: Location

Studying at King’s you’ll mainly be based at Guy’s Hospital, which is situated right by the shard. The dental school is close to Borough Market and also has some fantastic views over London from the hospital tower. Being in central London means there is a diverse range of patients and plenty to do outside of university. However, this does mean that living costs are high. Many students either live at home or travel from a fair distance to university each day.

King’s College London Dentistry: Course

The teaching at King’s is based on new research and evidence in the field. Many of the lectures are given by the researchers themselves. From second year onwards, lectures can be given in lecture blocks meaning information is given in large chunks. This suits some learners and not others, so it is important to think about your individual learning style. Having lecture blocks maximises the time you spend on clinic with patients and tutorials are often delivered in the morning before patients arrive for treatment.

King’s College London Dentistry: Dental School

King’s is the largest dental school in the UK with 160 students graduating each year. This means that we are split into groups for clinical sessions and depending on the timetable you may not see certain people in the year for a few weeks. There is a real mix of students on the course including graduates, mature students and those who have a medical degree. The diversity of students adds a lot to the course.

King’s College London Dentistry: Opportunities

The dental school has an active Dentistry society that host many events throughout the year. There are a number of socials such as the freshers’ boat party as well as academic opportunities – for example, lectures hosted by leading dentists. During fourth year there is the opportunity to complete an elective across the globe and in fifth year you go out to new areas, such as Portsmouth, to provide dental care. King’s also gives the chance for students to intercalate a BSc.


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