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Our one-day UCAT course will help prepare you for the UCAT exam, and teach you tactics that you can use to boost your score come testing season.

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The Trusted UCAT Course is Now Streaming

Thousands of students rely on our UCAT Courses.

It’s likely that face-to-face teaching won’t always be an option in 2020.

But we have found a way to deliver the same proven teaching for you, wherever you are.

Webinars will be delivered in real-time and fully interactive.

You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with the tutor and other attendees.

“The poll was super interactive and was definitely a great way for us to stay engaged throughout the day.” Teacher, Surbiton High

Why Do So Many People Use The Medic Portal?

There are lots of reasons. But, really, it’s about trust. Students, schools and parents trust us.

Whether you’re sitting in a physical classroom or a virtual one, that won’t change.

Your UCAT score is likely to be vital to your application. So don’t let circumstances throw you off track. You can still get the best preparation there is.

Be it virtual or in-person, here are five great reasons you can trust our UCAT Preparation Course:

  1. It’s the content recommended by over 2,000 attendees in 2019
  2. It’s the course used by 64% of Sunday Times’ top 50 independent schools
  3. Our score analysis shows attendees outperform UCAT averages
  4. We’re a full-time operation, with a proven record of online and in-person delivery
  5. We’re an official partner of the Royal Society of Medicine

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99% Recommended by Over 2,000 Attendees

Winners 2020
Gold Trusted Winners 2019 & 2020

Students love our course. So we’re delighted to reach even more of them by streaming it live around the world!

Many UCAT preparation courses claim to have great recommendation rates. But how many students are their figures based on? And over how many years?

Our course ratings come from more than 2,000 students – all from the 2019 exam cycle. So, when we tell you that 99% of them recommend the course it really means something!

The Medic Portal has hundreds of independent five-star reviews on Feefo and has won Gold Trusted Service Awards in both 2019 and 2020.

What else did over 2,000 survey respondents say about the course?


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More than 1 in 2 of The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Independent Schools use our UCAT Course!

The Medic Portal is the only UCAT provider trusted to teach hundreds of schools worldwide.

Like the in-person course, our webinars will contain all the hidden gems that we have shared at independent schools, state schools, international schools and academies.

Our loyal partners include Eton, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and The Girls’ Day School Trust.

Want the UCAT preparation vetted by world-leading institutions, delivered into your home?

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“We were hugely impressed with the UCAT training provided by you for our medical applicants. The scores the students went on to achieve were undoubtedly improved as a result.”Cheltenham Ladies College

“Students have come back with universally very positive responses … very worthwhile, worth the money and full of tips which they would otherwise not have learned.”KES Birmingham school

(If you’re a teacher interested in booking a webinar or course at your school, please fill in an enquiry form).

“I went from finding it utterly impossible to scoring in the top 10%!”

We hear this kind of feedback a lot! Because our course gets results. Every teacher on a recent survey said The Medic Portal boosted their students’ UCAT scores.

In our last study, 60 unfiltered course attendees shared their scores with us. These showed an overall average of 2,737 – well above that year’s average of 2,485.

Respondents outperformed the national average in every section!

You’ll get the same section-by-section strategies via our live webinars that you would have received in a classroom setting.

“My UCAT score SKYROCKETED from 580 Band 2 to my actual exam score of 730 Band 1. You guys are amazing!” – Tom

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What Does The UCAT Course Include?

When you sign up for any version of our UCAT Preparation Course, you will get:


“The course was amazing. The best I have ever been to in my life. It was so relevant, interactive and a great kick-start to UCAT preparation. The speaker was so encouraging.” – Imoru

UCAT Course 2020 Provisional Timetable

This timetable is likely to be adapted for webinar delivery. But all of the following will be comprehensively covered in all course formats.

Our doctor-led academic team ensures courses are 100% up to date and perfectly suited to the delivery medium.

Time Topic
10:00 to 10:30 Introduction to the UCAT
10:30 to 11:45 Verbal Reasoning
11:45 to 11:55 Break
11:55 to 12.50 Decision Making
12:50 to 13.20 Lunch
13:20 to 14:25 Abstract Reasoning
14:25 to 14:35 Break
14:35 to 15:35 Quantitative Reasoning
15:35 to 15:40 Break
15:40 to 16:20 Situational Judgement
16:20 to 16:30 Questions and Close

Live Webinar Delivery Only in 2020

In order to protect the safety of learners and tutors, UCAT Courses in 2020 will all be delivered by online webinar only.

These will take place in real-time, on the date that you choose. They will consist of the same course structure that has helped thousands of students like you.

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International? Webinars to suit your timezone!

We are used to delivering UCAT preparation courses for students around the world.

International students in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more countries have benefitted from our courses.

Students everywhere can now join the same webinar version of our course. There are no geographical requirements.

We’ve even got webinars speficially timed for different regions, like Asia, USA/Canada and the Middle East.

International Timezone Options

UCATSEN Courses – Also Streaming in 2020

The UCAT Consortium advises that students who are entitled to additional time in public exams should book the UCATSEN version of the exam, which is 25% longer.

If you qualify for extra time, we’ve got specialist UCATSEN Course Webinars for you!

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Why Do Attendees Think Ours is The Best UCAT Course?

Delivered in-person or virtually, we believe that our course leads to higher UCAT scores.

We believe that our course leads to higher UCAT scores. Based on feedback, it looks like others agree! Here are a few things that people have said…

“I have been very pleased with your input. Our pupils gave positive feedback on the course and were able to approach their exams with significantly higher levels of confidence.” – Winchester College

“We use the team for UCAT, BMAT and Medical Interview training and their knowledge and professional expertise are invaluable for the boys.”  – Merchant Taylors’ School

“We have run two UCAT training days using The Medic Portal. The students have benefitted hugely and left with a deeper insight into how the exams are run and strategies to implement” – City of London Freemen’s School

Want to read more? See our testimonials or independent reviews of The Medic Portal.

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