Interview Bootcamp - A Week of Intensive Interview Prep, Tailored to You

Get the ultimate Medicine interview prep with an intensive week of online 1-2-1 and small-group training. Includes dedicated mentoring and private sessions on your chosen universities!

At our brand new Interview Bootcamps, you – and a select few peers – will learn, practise and master proven strategies for MMI, traditional and online interviews.

At the end of the week, you should have significantly boosted your acceptance odds – both for Medicine and your preferred institution.

Bootcamps will take place online during late October half term. Places are very limited!

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Preparing You for Interview Success

Interview Bootcamp will arm you with trusted, doctor-created strategies for any interview.

We will cement these strategies through practice, before helping you to hone a tailored approach for your chosen universities.

The week will include:

Attendance at any of our MMI Circuits (RRP £135) is also included in the programme.

Why Trust The Medic Portal?

We’ve prepared thousands of students for Medicine interviews, helping them to get offers at every medical school in the country.

Our material is all created by doctors with deep experience of the interview process – including what it entails, how it varies, and how you can stand out.

We’re by far the most popular provider of Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) prep. Our 20-station practice circuits are attended by thousands of students every year.

Bootcamp attendees will get intensive MMI training before being invited to try what they’ve learnt at any of this season’s circuits.

The Medic Portal is an official partner of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Tailored Training for Your Chosen University

Oxford University. Credit: Getty Images

We’re uniquely placed to offer university-specific interview prep.

Our handpicked, doctor-trained tutors work from our Interview Bible, detailing what happens at each university throughout the UK.

After learning the fundamentals and how to implement them, this type of training is the final piece of the jigsaw for those committed to certain institutions.

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In Detail: Small-Group Tutoring Schedule

Below is an overview of the small-group teaching schedule for the week. Each session will last 2 hours.

These classes will be supplemented by private training, 1-2-1 mock interviews and university-specific teaching.


Day 1: Interview Styles, General Techniques and Why This Medical School?

We begin by exploring the different styles of interview: panel, MMI and Oxbridge.

The session will then move on to looking at interview technique. How should you structure answers and what should you avoid?

We will conclude with how to approach medical school-specific questions, and how to best prepare for why you want to apply to specific medical schools.


Day 2: Motivation for Medicine and Work Experience

This session will focus on exploring questions relating to a candidate’s motivation to study medicine, along with their understanding of what the career entails.


Day 3: Teamwork, the MDT and Personal Insight

The third session will start by exploring candidates’ understanding and experience of working within, and leading, teams.

We will look at multidisciplinary teams, and how to link personal teamworking experience with the teamworking seen on work experience.

Finally, we will explore personal attributes – strengths, weaknesses, dealing with stress and resilience – and how these come into play during interviews.


Day 4: Moral and Professional Reasoning

This session will explore the concepts of medical ethics, followed by linking this to common ‘what would you do if…’ type dilemmas often encountered in the interview.

Questions will include situational judgement and ranking questions, along with testing professionalism and candidates knowledge of the NHS.


Day 5: Empathy and Communication, Problem Solving and Oxbridge

The final group session will focus initially on role-play-based MMI scenarios, looking at how empathy and communication skills are assessed.

We then move on to explore MMI-style problem solving, followed by Oxbridge-style problem solving questions.

Prices and Dates

The first Interview Bootcamp programmes will run as follows:

The cost for the whole week, inclusive of an MMI Circuit of your choice is £720.

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What Happens After I Book?

When you book, you will receive a confirmation email.

You will then be contacted by a member of our team, who will ensure you are smoothly on-boarded.

Your email will contain a code, which you can use to book your MMI Circuit.


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