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BMAT Tutors

BMAT Tutors
Our BMAT Tutors are specialists in the Medical School application process

*Special Discount: book 5 hours of tutoring with one of our TMP BMAT Tutors or a Doctor and receive a 5% discount – or receive a 10% discount by booking 8 hours.*

We are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine – the leading authority in medical education in the UK. We teach BMAT to hundreds of students each year, including in-house at some of the world’s best schools (see Testimonials).

Our BMAT tutors work with students on an individual basis. The aim is simple: to improve their BMAT score. This might include going over the whole exam, or strengthening areas of weakness. It is important that you are strong across the board if you are applying to a BMAT university.

BMAT is being used by an increasing number of Medical, Dental and Veterinary Schools. These include Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Leeds and Brighton & Sussex.

BMAT is known to be a tough exam. Students often struggle with the essay component in Section 3. We are here to provide expert help.

Our private sessions fill up very quickly. Book yours now from £80 per hour.

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What Our BMAT Tutors Provide

Our BMAT tutors are medics trained to teach our core BMAT methodology. This has seen us become the chosen training provider for hundreds of schools and thousands of students.

A typical session will include:

By the end of the session, the student should have a much stronger grasp of what the BMAT exam is testing and how to score highly.

How To Book BMAT Tutoring

Sessions can be delivered in our London offices or online anywhere in the world. As well as our UK students, we work with many aspiring medics internationally. We consider home visits on a case by case basis.

You can book 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 hour slots by selecting those options from the drop down below. Once you have paid for your BMAT tutoring, we will be in touch to confirm the date, time and location of your session(s).

If you prefer to discuss your tutoring requirements further before booking, please complete the tutoring enquiry form.

Want to know more before you book? Try visiting our Tutoring FAQs page.

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