Catch up on our three-part webinar series that covered everything you need to know about the UCAT test. You’ll learn about the four subtests that make up the exam, how to perform well in each one, and get the best preparation tips. You’ll understand how UCAT scores work, and why a high score is more important than ever.

Replay: Introduction To The UCAT Test

Get a comprehensive breakdown of what UCAT is, why it’s used, and understand how the subtests are structured.

Group 8

Replay: How Scores Work And Why It’s Important

Find out how UCAT is scored, what a good UCAT score is and why your UCAT score could be the factor that shortlists you for an interview.

Group 8

Replay: Learn How To Prepare Yourself For UCAT Success

Uncover the ultimate advice on how to prepare for UCAT and the best time for you to sit your exam.

Group 8

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