UCAT Course 2020
UCAT Courses

The UCAT Course trusted by thousands of students and hundreds of schools. Get proven strategies from an official Royal Society of Medicine partner.

BMAT Courses 2020
BMAT Courses

The only BMAT provider officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine. Created by qualified doctors and Oxbridge graduates, our BMAT Course is trusted by aspiring medics each year.

MMI Courses - do a full MMI circuit
MMI Courses

Multi Mini Interviews are used by a growing number of UK Medical Schools - prepare to succeed with a full MMI practice circuit.

Medical School Interview
Interview Courses

‘Mastering the Interview’ prepares you for success in the Medical School Interview, including a mock interview with a panel of experts.

TMP Aspire
TMP Aspire

Attend the ultimate 'insight into Medicine' conference & hear from current doctors, admissions tutors & students for just £50.

Personal Statement Workshops
Personal Statement Workshop

Write an amazing Personal Statement for Medicine with our workshops.

Study Abroad
International Courses

We work across three continents - click here to find out more about our work with international schools and students.

Interim UKCAT Scores
Course Venues

Booked a course and looking for more details? Find out the dates, times and venues of courses here - as well as details of what to bring on the day.

Online BMAT Course

Find out more about e-learning resources here - including Online UCAT Courses, BMAT Courses and question banks!


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