UCAT Courses

Trusted by thousands of students and hundreds of schools. Get proven UCAT strategies from a Royal Society of Medicine partner.

BMAT Courses

The only BMAT provider partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine. Created by qualified doctors and Oxbridge graduates.

MMI Courses

The original - and most popular - way to prepare for an MMI. Our 20-station practice circuits are attended by thousands every year.

Interview Courses

‘Mastering the Interview’ prepares you for success in the Medical School Interview, including a mock interview with a panel of experts.

TMP Aspire

Attend the ultimate 'insight into Medicine' conference & hear from current doctors, admissions tutors & students.

Personal Statement

Write an amazing Personal Statement for Medicine with our affordable Personal Statement Workshops.

International Courses

We work across three continents - click here to find out more about our work with international schools and students.

Course Venues

Booked a course and looking for more details? Find out the dates, times and venues of courses here - as well as details of what to bring on the day.


Find out more about e-learning resources here - including Online UCAT Courses, BMAT Courses and question banks!


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