5th May 2022

If you’re an aspiring medic, why not consider studying Medicine in the Med? Not only can you obtain a qualification from a leading Russell Group University, but you’ll also get the experience of a lifetime in the location of a lifetime. But what makes Gozo so great?

It’s rich in history and culture

Gozo’s history is as vibrant as many of its features. To the locals, the island is known as Ghawdex, a name in use since Arab rule. To the outside world, it’s the name the Aragonese bestowed upon the island that sticks: Gozo, meaning “joy”. And joyful it is.

With three hundred days of sunshine, plus a coastline full of wonders and architecture spanning millennia, there’s a unique charm to the 26 square mile island. It’s where Ulysses spent 7 years in Calypso’s embrace, the location where the epic Game of Thrones wedding between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo was filmed, and home to a thriving service industry built around environmentally friendly policies. It also has the oldest freestanding temples, with locals who are fluent in Italian, Maltese and English, and familiar with French and German!

Whether you have a curiosity for history, a passion for film or a taste for languages, Gozo can satisfy it all.


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Size doesn’t matter

The island of Gozo may be small, but it’s jam-packed with things to do and full of experiences both on land and in the depths of the clear blue sea.

Have you ever thought about diving? The island is one of Europe’s top diving destinations, with a selection of shore and boat dives for all skill levels. Many of QMUL Malta’s staff are avid divers and some hold diving qualifications too. There’s also snorkelling and water polo, all within walking distance from the accommodation, so you’ll never be bored.

How about hiking? Gozo has more than 300 sport climbs over 12 locations, and the climate makes them enjoyable all year round! The island’s impressive coastline is perfect for hiking, or you can explore the trails and valleys which are ideal for cycling and horse-riding.

Are you a sports fan? Most villages have their own turf football grounds and active clubs to go with them. The Gozo Sports Complex offers facilities for squash, climbing, tennis, badminton, basketball, handball, gymnastics, futsal, volleyball, dancing and netball.

The nightlife

Much of what happens in Gozo is centred around the village or town square. The squares are a hub of activity, with bars, cafes and restaurants welcoming patrons all throughout the week. Gozitans are known for being warm and welcoming, and will easily strike up a conversation with anyone. A coffee in the square is sure to leave you with an acquaintance or two!

Plenty of locals are night owls too, especially on long summer days. Dinner time is usually around 8 or 9pm, which means restaurants are busy and lively until late at night. The many bars that are dotted around the island remain open until the early hours of the morning.

An impressive cultural calendar

There’s no denying it – the islanders love a good celebration, and this is reflected in the events organised on a weekly basis. From the new year celebrations in the capital to the one-of-a-kind revelry of Carnival, the sombre processions of Good Friday, the joy of Easter, and the fireworks, band marches and decorations of summer weekly feasts, there’s always something going on.

The island is very well known for its opera season. Two opera houses reside on the same main street of Victoria, putting on fully staged operas with international soloists. Per square mile, Gozo has more opera houses than anywhere else in the world!

Christmas time is also a big affair on the island, with a Christmas programme lasting over a month. The rest of the year has exhibitions, themed festivals, concerts and quizzes.

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