22nd January 2019
The UKCAT exam was changed to UCAT in January 2019. The official name of this entrance exam was updated from the UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) to UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) to reflect the adoption of the UCAT ANZ exam in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Did UKCAT Change To UCAT?

The name UKCAT was changed to reflect the fact that this admissions test is now also sat by aspiring Medical and Dentistry Students in Australia and New Zealand.

From 2019, students in the UK and Australia or New Zealand will take the UCAT test. It’s officially called the UCAT ANZ for Australia and New Zealand, but it’s the exact same test.

Previously, the UMAT was the entrance test for Australia and New Zealand.

Is UCAT The Same As UKCAT?

UCAT is the same as UKCAT. It consists of the same five sections:


No, the old UMAT exam is very different from the new UCAT ANZ test. The test looks entirely different, you get your results differently, and it’s a two-hour test instead of a three-hour one.

Find out the key differences between UMAT and UCAT ANZ here.


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