Published on 22nd February 2017 by lauram

Sitting your UKCAT this summer and wondering when to register and when to prepare? We’ve written you a handy timeline of UKCAT 2017 registration and exam dates so you can put these in your calendar and get ahead with your preparation!

2nd May 2017: UKCAT 2017 registration opens

Registration opens at 9am on this date. Don’t forget that you need to register for the UKCAT yourself, so your sixth form or college can’t do it for you! You can choose when and where you take the UKCAT, so the earlier you register, the more choice you’ll have.

  • How do I register?

You can register on the UKCAT website. After you’ve registered, you’ll be sent an email with a password, which you can use to then book your exam.

  • When should I book the exam?

We’d recommend booking the test during the summer holidays of Year 12, as when you go back in September you’ll be busy with A2 work and Personal Statements!

  • Where should I take the exam?

There are UKCAT Centres all over the UK, including London, Manchester and Birmingham. You can find your nearest centre by using UKCAT’s Test Centre Locator tool.

19th September 2017: UKCAT 2017 registration closes

This is an important one – registration closes at 5pm on this day, so make sure you’ve registered before this!

3rd July – 3rd October 2017: UKCAT 2017 exams

This is when the UKCAT exams take place, so you can book it at any point during this time period. You’ll receive your results on the day of the exam.

  • How much will my exam cost?

If you sit the UKCAT between 3rd July and 31st August 2017, you’ll pay £65. If you sit the exam between 1st September and 3rd October 2017, you’ll pay £80 – more incentive to sit the exam in the summer!

  • When should I start preparing for the UKCAT?

We’d recommend spending at least four weeks of regular UKCAT revision, followed by two weeks of intense revision and practice questions before sitting the exam. Before this revision, it’s a good idea to read up on the exam now to familiarise yourself with what you’ll be revising over the summer.


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