Personal Statement for Medicine: Submission Checklist

You’re probably about to submit your personal statement for medicine ahead of next week’s deadline.

Before you push the button, here is a final checklist to make sure your personal statement ticks all the right boxes for medical school.

Get your personal statement for medicine reviewed today by a current medic or a Medical School Admissions tutor.

The answer to all of the 20 questions below should be ‘YES’ prior to making your submission!

Medicine Personal Statement Checklist
Medicine Personal Statement Checklist
  1. If read in isolation from the rest of your personal statement for medicine, does your opening paragraph give a good idea of why you want to become a doctor?
  2. Is your opening paragraph personalised to the extent that it could only have been written by you and by nobody else?
  3. Has every experience and every quality you have cited in your personal statement for medicine been backed up by specific examples?
  4. Have you used the three point reflection technique for work experiences: what/where/when > specific example(s) > what your learned from them?
  5. Have you read your personal statement for medicine out loud to yourself and/or at least one friend or family member?
  6. Have you used active language (e.g. ‘I rose to the challenge’), rather than passive language (e.g. ‘I was challenged’), wherever possible?
  7. Have you used a clear, linear structure, grouping together relevant work experience, volunteering and extracurricular activities?
  8. Have you used straightforward and concise language to express every point you make as clearly as you possibly can?
  9. When speaking about volunteering, have you included a time frame to show that you have demonstrated ongoing commitment?
  10. Have you mentioned the key qualities needed to make a great medical student and, ultimately, a top doctor: empathy; communication; teamwork; leadership; desire to learn and teach?
  11. Have you provided personal examples of all of these qualities, as well as examples of some of them from your work experience?
  12. Have you recognised at some point in your personal statement for medicine that being a doctor is stressful and challenging?
  13. Have you shown that you have a good outlet for stress?
  14. Do you come across as a well-rounded candidate with other interests and hobbies outside of medicine and academia?
  15. Have you got a professional to check all use of medical terminology in your personal statement to ensure it has been used appropriately?
  16. Have you given your teacher a list of things that could add value to your application but that you didn’t have room to include, so they can use them on their Teacher Reference?
  17. Are you happy to discuss everything on your personal statement in depth at your medical school interview?
  18. Does your conclusion nicely summarise what has gone before it and emphasise your motivation and suitability for medicine?
  19. Is your personal statement your own work, written by you and in your own voice?
  20. Does your personal statement meet the 4,000 character limit?

When the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’…. You might just be ready to submit your personal statement.

Good luck!


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