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Here, you’ll find a list of things you MUST MUST MUST know before you enter the medical school interview room.

1. Research all of the different types of medical school course structures

Do you know all the different types of course structure: PBL, integrated and traditional? Do you know the differences between them? Do you know how this will affect your learning environment as a student? This information is freely available on the websites of most Medical Schools. You could be asked a Medical School interview questions like ‘Problem Based Learning to Case Based Learning – do you know the difference?’ – so be prepared!

2. For the school you’re applying to, make sure you know how the course structure will suit your learning style

First of all, make sure you are certain what the course structure is of the specific Medical Schools that you’ve applied to. A word of warning here: even courses of the same type may differ. Make sure you know how the course is structured over the full five or six years. How are assessments carried out? Will you have lots of essays to write, or answering lots of multiple choice questions?

Then, do some self-reflection, and think about how suited you are to the course structures you’ve applied to. Are you self disciplined? Do you enjoy teaching others? Do you prefer small groups? Would you rather have all the information presented to you? Will you find sitting in lectures all day boring and repetitive?  

3. How does the medical school teach anatomy?

Does the medical school think cadavers are best? Or does it use models? Do you know the pros and cons of each of these? What do you think would be best for your learning? A Medical School Interview question on this could give you the chance to show your debating skills, and verbal communication.

4. Speak to medical students at that university if you can

They will be able to tell you without having an agenda what the good points and bad points of a Medical School are. The have no incentive to lie to you. They will also be able to tell you things ‘they wish they had known’ before they went to their Medical School interview.

5. Look into the range of societies and extra curricular activities that the Medical School offers

If you are posed a Medical School interview question on your interests outside of Medicine, you’ll be able to tell them all about your interest in *insert obscure sport here*. You’ll then be able to say how you’ll contribute to the university by playing on the team. Look at all the sports teams, language, food and drink societies, and what the student union has to offer to find out what you could be involved in!

6. Ensure you have researched which hospitals come under the catchment area of the medical school

Some of these can be quite far flung from the Medical School base! What if you’re asked a Medical School interview question like ‘do you know the difference between a Teaching Hospital and a District General Hospital?’? Be ready to talk and discuss some of the aspects of hospitals that medical students take part in, and how you would enjoy the experience.


And with that, I’ll say one final thing: be sure to have completed the above six pieces of research BEFORE you attend your Medical School interview!

Good luck, and keep it up!

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