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Essential MMI Checklist

Getting an offer for medical school can be both an exciting and daunting event. On one hand, the good news is in the hardest part is over and you’ve got an offer! On the other hand, it’s conditional: you have to meet the grades to take the place. In this blog, I’ll suggest three tips to get 3 As to meet your med school offer.

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1. Finding a good balance

It’s safe to see that the hardest part of the medical school application process is over. You’ve got past the UCAS form, the UKCAT, BMAT and interviews – now it’s all about your grades.

It’s important at this point to avoid complacency. It’s easy to be comforted by a conditional offer and the temptation to relax and neglect your final A-Level exams. It is important not to fall into this trap, and use the conditional offer to motivate you rather than make you feel comfortable. Stick your offer email or letter up on your wall to motivate yourself to get the grades.

2. Preparation

At this point, you (and the university you’ve applied to) have an idea of your AS-grades and your potential A2 level grades. You would have probably done well in your AS-Levels and this is why the university have made you an offer. It’s important to keep this momentum in the run-up to your final A2 exams.

It’s important to start your revision early, keeping in mind your potential offer! Try using different methods, like mind maps or past papers to keep your revision fun but effective, to guarantee that you meet your offer! You can see a range of revision tips on our blogs here:

3. Know your options

If you don’t make your offer, don’t fret – it’s not the end of the world! The first thing to do is to contact the university that gave you the offer and speak to someone, they may still have a place for you! Keeping the university up-to-date whether or not you make the offer is always important.

In some cases if your grades are very close to the offer, you may also have the option of getting your paper remarked, contact your school and let the university know if this is an option. You could also try phoning other universities to see if they have spare places available.

Other options may be to retake some of your A-Level exams, take a gap year or take up your reserve course place. You can read more about Reapplying to Medical School here.

Good luck!

Words: Zainab Bazeer

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