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1. Communication

It is highly likely that your Dentistry MMI circuit will involve a station relating to communication skills in some form. Whilst this might include direct Dentistry interview questions relating to why communication skills are important for dentists, it could also be in the form of a task. For example, you might be asked to describe a photo to someone who is blind. To prepare for these kinds of MMI Dentistry interview questions and stations look back at your portfolio and make a note of any sections that describe when a dentist you shadowed has used communication effectively. Examples might be something like referring a patient to a specialist, or explaining a complicated procedure to a patient. Also, think about the dental team. Many people forget the communication that occurs between a dentist and their nurse or reception team! So, remember to try and include this in your answer.

2. Ethics

Ethical situations commonly come up in Dentistry interview questions in MMI stations. An example might be whether you should believe orthodontic treatment should be given on the NHS. The most important thing to remember with ethical Dentistry MMI stations is to give a balanced answer! Show that you understand both aspects ‘for’ and ‘against’ the notion. It is then important to summarise the arguments in a conclusion that shows you have assessed both sides of the argument. If you know the current NHS guidelines regarding a treatment or any legal implications, then draw this into your answer too. Don’t be put off if the interviewer questions your answer, they are simply promoting discussion around the topic.

3. Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is assessed in varying ways in MMI Dentistry interview questions. One of the ways this is done is through asking about examples of when you developed your manual dexterity skills. This doesn’t have to be something specific to Dentistry. Examples can come from your extracurricular activities such as playing a musical instrument, sketching or sewing. You need to be able to describe how manual dexterity is important for Dentistry and how you can further improve on your skills. Another way that manual dexterity is tested in MMIs is through a station that involves a manual dexterity task. Examples of these could be bending wire into a certain shape or threading sewing thread through needles. The main thing is to remain calm during these tasks, the interviewers aren’t expecting perfect manual dexterity and they understand that you are nervous. You just need to be confident and try your best!

4. Knowledge of Dentistry

Your understanding and knowledge of the subject is assessed through Dentistry interview questions such as “what is the most important skill of a Dentist?”. This is a good opportunity to draw on the experiences from your work experience in your portfolio.  Some of the keys skills for Dentists include:



problem solving;

stress management.

It doesn’t matter which skill you choose but make sure you justify your answers with examples from your work experience. The interviewer might then ask you to give them an example of a time you have shown this skill.

5. Understanding of the University

A Dentistry MMI station might involve asking specifically why you want to attend that University. For Dentistry interview questions like this, make sure before that you have recapped which teaching style the University uses (traditional or problem based learning) before your interview! You should relate their teaching styles back to how you learn. For example, if it’s problem based learning then you might want to discuss how you’re an independent learner and enjoy researching topics to support your learning. This is your opportunity to sell why you are a candidate that is suited to their University.

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