Published on 29th May 2018 by lauram

is it too late for revision

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Question: Is It Too Late to Start Revising for A-Levels?

I know exactly what it’s like: you spend the whole year focusing on applying for university, and then it comes to the end of the year and you still have so much left to do for your A-Levels. This time last year, I also felt as though I had left it too late as I had been so busy with my med school application the whole year!

I know time might seem short at this stage, but I’m sure you actually know more than you think you do. Try not to panic…you need to try to focus your revision in such a way that you’re tackling the areas you feel the least comfortable with. If you’ve been putting Biology off the whole year, really need to look at it ASAP!

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For me, Chemistry was terrible…I had no clue what we had done the whole year because I had been so distracted with so many other things. I went home one day, read through the entire Chemistry textbook and placed little tabs on the areas I didn’t understand. The next day I went to go and see my Chemistry teacher and I got him to explain everything I had tabbed – it took about an hour for him to go through everything, but after that I felt so much better! It’s up to you to find your weak points and make sure you sort them out.

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For Biology…just put your head down and spend a couple of days memorising everything – do nothing else on those days. I wrote my Biology summary notes really close to my exams as I was finding it impossible to remember everything for Biology – in the notes I summarised each topic down to a page, making sure all the important points were still included. I then sat with my friend for a couple of days and we parrot memorised them together.

It is not too late, if you’re prepared to work a lot harder now, and remain 200% focused. You need to memorise everything super quickly and then just roll through one past paper after another.

Remember, you’ve still got the chance to change that grade right until you hand that paper in – so make the most of every bit of time that you have!

I hope everything works out for you! Good luck!

Words: Masumah Jannah

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