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One of the most common questions asked by BMAT takers is ‘Should I take September or BMAT November?’.

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration – for example, your availability on the test dates, when you will have the time to prepare for the exam, and the available space at your nearest test centres.

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We spoke to a few students applying for 2018 entry about why they made their decisions…

Why did you choose to take the BMAT in September?


“I decided to take BMAT in September because I’ll hopefully be able to make a more informed decision on which universities to choose for my 2018 application. However, as it’s the first year, nobody (except BMAT) knows exactly how the new September sitting is going to work.

It’s more expensive too, but bursaries are normally available if you can’t afford the cost. I’d say if you’ve got your heart set on Oxford, or need more time, then you should definitely take it in November.”


“I wanted to know my BMAT score before I applied to medical school to have the best chance of getting in, so I felt like September was a good choice for me.

I also felt I could balance UKCAT and BMAT preparation over the summer, and wanted to focus solely on my personal statement and grades when I went back to school.”

Why did you choose to take the BMAT in November?


“To keep my options open, I decided to take both BMAT and UKCAT. If I were to take the BMAT in September, I would have to prepare for BMAT and UKCAT at the same time, which I thought would have a negative effect on my performance.

Also, September BMAT is only available in the UK. Planning a journey to the UK rather than just travelling to a test centre in my country of residence is more problematic and unnecessarily expensive!”


“I am almost certain I want to apply to Oxford, which does not accept applicants who have sat the BMAT in September. Also, I wanted to have a small break after my UKCAT which I did in the beginning of August and not start revising for the BMAT straight away. I thought that I would perform better if I had some time off between the two exams.

In addition, my school’s deadline for the UCAS application is on 19th September, so receiving the results would not make a difference in my choices as I would not be able to change them.”

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