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Are you considering studying medicine in Hong Kong? If so, our writer Charlene Chau gives her top three tips on what to consider.

1. Is medicine right for me?

This is the first thing to consider – and, while it might sound obvious, it’s important to think carefully about this!

You should consider whether studying medicine is right for you before you apply to any medical schools worldwide, but this is especially important for those applying to Hong Kong medical schools. It’s important to carefully consider the following reasons for wanting to study medicine:

  • I’m good at science, and I like learning about the intricacies of the human body.  

There are a lot of other professions that requires a scientific mind and deals with the human body. What about an anatomist? Or a science teacher? Why a doctor? It’s important to think specifically about why you want to work in medicine.

  • My whole family is in the medical profession, so it makes sense that I have the qualities of a good doctor.

Michael Phelps’ parents were not swimmers, yet he was a record breaker with 23 Olympic gold medals. (Certainly, there are examples that prove genetic makeup helps, like the famous pianist Lang Lang who comes from a musical family.) Those who know a bit of genetics would also know that one’s character is a polygenic trait, which is altered to multiple genes, as well as the environment.

  • I’m clever and can remember the names of all the muscles on the human body after reading it once.

That’s certainly an amazing feat. However, apart from academic ability, there are many other qualities that good doctors possess: for example, empathy, good communication skills and teamwork skills. You’ll need to make sure you’re well suited to the profession in all areas! 

A good way to work out if medicine is right for you is by completing work experience – find what it is about medicine that interests and excites you.

2. Prepare well for your Hong Kong medicine interview

If you’ve decided that medicine is right for you, have succeeded in impressing the admission officers on paper, and are now holding an interview invitation, congratulations!

For Hong Kong medical interviews, don’t expect an interview that only asks about your academic qualifications or complicated science questions. Questions on ethics and extracurricular activities will also be thrown at you – and, more importantly, current medical affairs, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest news in Hong Kong. Is the Hospital Authority facing any major crises and what are your thoughts on it? Have there been any major breakthroughs in research?

You can read more on Hong Kong Medical School Interviews here.

3. Never give up

If you received your acceptance offer, that’s great! However, be prepared. It is not an easy road ahead: you might be stressed out with the heavy workload of the Hong Kong medical curriculum, or anxious that all your friends can remember more drug names and their side effects than you. Never give up though – look forward to the finishing line and carry on!

If you are placed on the waiting list, or you just received a rejection letter, don’t panic. Not being accepted by medical schools doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, or that you can’t become a doctor. It just means you are not ready yet. Try again next year. Remember, perseverance is an important trait that good doctors possess. 

Good luck!

Words: Charlene Chau


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