The 8 Es for Medical School Interview Success

Med School Interview 8 Es

Many of you will be preparing for your interviews, practising questions (try our Interview Question Bank) and setting up mock interviews.

However, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the subtler aspects of an interview, like etiquette or arriving early. Here, have a read of the 8 Es for medical school interview success!

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1. Early

It goes without saying, but don’t arrive late to your interview, and don’t come dot on time either. The earlier you come the better it’ll be for you because ten you’ll be able to sit down take a deep breath, relax and walk into your interview a lot calmer and more composed! Sitting down and talking to the other candidates before going in for your interview truly does relax you.

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2. Ethics

Don’t expect to get through your interview without any mention of any of the four principles of medical ethics! Make sure you know these like the back of your hand and can apply them to any situation. Don’t be afraid to mention them in any of your answers if you see it fit – it’ll show that you have read around.

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3. Empathy

If you’re at an MMI station which involves a role play, this word should be lighting up in your head. This is key to any role play you do – respond to whatever the actor is saying, pick up on non-verbal cues, and make sure you show that you can empathise with their situation by using the simplest of phrases, such as “I understand why you are feeling this way.”

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4. Enthusiasm

Remind yourself that the sole reason you’re being interviewed is not to judge you on your medical knowledge, but to get an idea as to whether you have the right motivation and drive to see yourself through a five-year medical programme and then years of training following that. Show that you’re interested and that you’re super excited at the prospect of studying medicine – that’s what they really want to see!

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5. Ears

Make sure you really listen to what the interviewer is asking you. The interview isn’t a waffling game and going in with streams of rehearsed answers isn’t what will get you through. Instead go in with the intention of listening to what you will be asked, taking a moment to think about it and then answering the question you were asked – not the one you prepared for beforehand. It’ll make you appear so much better, and remember a pause for thought is never a bad thing!

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6. Etiquette

Simple things such as entering your interview with a smile will make sure you give a good impression. If you feel it’s appropriate you could maybe add a firm handshake to that. And then leave the room or station thanking the interviewer for their time.

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7. Explain

…using your work experience that is. Any statement you make or qualities you claim that you have, be prepared to back it up. It’ll be even better if you are able to back it up yourself without being prompted by the interviewer so try to do that by bringing in examples from any work experience or voluntary work you did. This will show that you seriously explored the career before sending in your application.

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8. Enjoy it

The earlier you embrace the nerves, the happier you will be. Accept that it’s perfectly normal to feel those butterflies in your stomach and that every other candidate will be feeling exactly the same way. The interviewers will be expecting nerves, so try not to let them win the day and just perform to the best of your ability. Good luck!

Words: Masumah Jannah

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