Published on 15th September 2017 by lauram

When deciding on which medical schools to apply to there a lot of things that you will take into consideration. Things like location, costs and teaching staff. But what about the age of the school?

If you are tempted to only apply to traditional medical schools with a long history then you could be missing out. We caught up with Aston Medical School, whose new MBChB undergraduate course is open for applications for 2018 intake, to find out why they think students should consider including new medical schools in their application choices.

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1. They are bold new thinkers

Establishing a new medical school is a bold move. Although a new medical school will select the very best elements of a traditional medical education, they are also free to develop their own ideas that improve the education and experience of their students. These are often concepts that are not available at traditional medical schools, such as offering an opportunity to enhance your leadership capabilities through a certificate in Health Leadership.

2. Benefiting from the experience and facilities of the university itself

Often, new medical schools are founded within well-established universities that will have excellent track records within their existing subject areas. They may even offer subjects close to medicine like optometry, pharmacy, biomedical science, audiology or biology. The university will already have a good reputation, facilities and resources – all of which will be of benefit to students who are studying within the new school.

When looking at which medical schools to apply to, researching more into the main university, its reputation and rankings can be a big help, especially with a new school.

3. Accreditation

All new medical schools in the UK must undergo the same strict regulation and accreditation by the General Medical Council (GMC) as existing medical schools. This one of the reasons that the UK produces such high quality clinicians and medical professionals. So even though the school may be new, you can rest assured that the education you will be provided with will be to the highest standard.

4. It is exciting

Imagine being involved in a project from its very beginning. It’s an exciting prospect, think new facilities and the opportunity to help shape something as big and long-lasting as a new medical school.

That’s probably why institutions like Aston Medical School attract staff from other well-ranked and highly established medical schools– as they are just as excited to be a part of something new!

If you’re interested in being part of the new generation of medical professionals take a look at Aston Medical School’s new MBChB course page to find out more.

The Aston Medical School MBChB undergraduate medical degree will be taking its first cohort of students in the fall of 2018. In the first of its kind for a UK public medical school, the majority of places will be reserved for talented international fee-paying students. If you want to find out more about our course or register your interest visit their website.


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