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UKCAT Practice Questions: Get Started Today

Looking for UKCAT questions? You’ve come to the right place – The Medic Portal has thousands of UKCAT practice questions and detailed performance tracking so you can measure your progress against your peers. 

NOTE: It is very hard to replicate the UKCAT experience and difficulty level exactly. Your test experience might differ.

Get started with free UKCAT questions today

Do you offer free UKCAT questions?

We’ve gone all out to make our question bank as cost-free as possible. In 2017, we didn’t charge a penny. The good news? We’re still committed to offering substantial numbers of free questions for the foreseeable future!

From 1st August 2018, after completing a large number of free questions in each section, you’ll be asked for a small one-off subscription fee for unlimited, season-long access to all questions. This will go towards maintaining the resource and keeping it as up to date as possible for all users…

If you have already done a high number of questions in a given section prior to 1st August, you may be asked to pay a small amount in order to access the rest of the questions in that section. Upon doing so, you will resume your section practice at the point you got to.

Get started with free UKCAT questions today

What’s included in the UKCAT Question Bank?

Our Question Bank includes thousands of UKCAT questions across each section of the UKCAT, including Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Situational Judgement and Decision Making.

Made with state of the art technology, it also includes a detailed performance tracking function, so you can measure your progress and see how you score against your peers on your TMP Dashboard.

New for 2018! Our UKCAT Question Bank averages have been updated for 2018 based on huge numbers of answers and are now given to one decimal point.


Where can I find UKCAT practice tests?

The Question Bank also includes two full UKCAT practice tests, so once you’ve tried several questions, you can practice for your UKCAT in timed conditions.

Get started with free UKCAT questions today

Where can I find other UKCAT Resources?

Looking for other UKCAT resources? We have a free guide to the UKCAT in our Application Guide – covering all sections, plus preparation tips and UKCAT FAQs.

We recommend using our UKCAT Question Bank in conjunction with our one-day UKCAT Course, designed to boost your UKCAT score and help you in your preparation. Led by expert tutors, the day covers all UKCAT sections and includes a comprehensive workbook and a free copy of our bestselling UKCAT book. Learn key strategies at the course – and then practice with our UKCAT questions in your own time to consolidate your knowledge afterwards.

If you’re looking for one-to-one UKCAT help, we also offer bespoke UKCAT tutoring – sessions are entirely tailored to suit your needs, and can cover any aspect of the exam. Whether you want to cover step-by-step Abstract Reasoning strategies or the new Decision Making section, our expert UKCAT tutors can help.

But first: why not get started with our UKCAT Question Bank?

Get started with free UKCAT questions today

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