UCAT Practice and Revision

Wondering how to start your UCAT revision? UCAT practice is crucial to score highly in all sections of the exam. This page will detail our top resources and UCAT revision techniques to help you prepare for your test across all sections of the exam: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making and Situational Judgement.

UCAT was renamed from UKCAT in 2019. However, as the test content will remain the same, UKCAT practice tips and UKCAT revision techniques will be applicable to the UCAT test. Read more about the UKCAT to UCAT changeover here.

UCAT Revision 

Complete UCAT practice questions

This is an essential aspect of UCAT revision. UCAT practice questions are ideal to familiarise yourself with the format of the exam – our UCAT Question Bank has thousands of UCAT questions across all five sections of the exam, from Verbal Reasoning to Situational Judgement.

Completing practice questions is the most effective way to understand what each section of the exam is looking for, as well as discovering which sections you find the most difficult. For example, if you feel relatively comfortable with Situational Judgement, but find yourself answering incorrectly on Verbal Reasoning, you may decide to focus your practice on this section.

Get started with free UCAT questions

Go through each UCAT section in detail

Another crucial aspect of UCAT practice is to go through each section in detail. The more you use practice questions, the more familiar you’ll be with the exam. 

If you’re worried about specific elements of the exam, such as ‘appropriateness’ questions in Situational Judgement, or interpreting data in Quantitative Reasoning, our Online UCAT Course covers these elements in detail. Created by education experts and doctors, our course has seven hours of detailed video tutorials, covering Situational Judgement, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.

Each section’s tutorials include a range of different modules. In Quantitative Reasoning, for example, you will cover Basic Arithmetic; Speed, Distance and Time; Geometry; Quick Calculations and Averages and Interpreting Data. Providing step-by-step techniques to tackle each type of question, our online course is perfect UCAT practice to cover different elements of each section in depth. You can try our free demo of an Abstract Reasoning module here.

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UCAT Practice

Book a UCAT Course

Looking for interactive UCAT revision?

Our one-day UCAT Course is the perfect opportunity to ask experts your UCAT questions. Designed to boost your UCAT score, the day provides step-by-step strategies for the exam in dedicated slots for each section, from Verbal Reasoning to Situational Judgement.

When you attend our UCAT Course, you’ll also receive a copy of our bestselling book Mastering the UCAT, a UCAT practice comprehensive workbook and an electronic keypad to track your performance.

Whether you want expert advice on Quantitative Reasoning or the opportunity to cover each section in depth, our UCAT Course is perfect preparation for the exam.

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